Become aware of the limiting roles you have taken on from an early age. Which parts of you have been suppressed as a result?
Find ways to express your soul.
Inner light cannot be bought. It's a result of overcoming darkness and adversity.
Let’s spread some warm fuzzies today!
It has become so normal to put on masks and hide our true feelings that we often cannot access them ourselves anymore.
Never stop hanging on to hope.
There are countless reasons to love yourself.
Surround yourself with what makes you feel at home within yourself.
Allow yourself to grieve that you cannot change someone who doesn't want to change.
Dive deeper, darling. Life is too mysterious to only touch the surface.
Open your eyes to the miracles around you.
Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.  (Christian Morgenstern)
Did you know? Manifestation cannot work if you are not willing to let go of the old.
Shhhh. Please do not disturb. I dwell in tranquility today.
Imagine telling the story of your life at the end of your days - will you be proud of it?
Trust the process! Your time will come!
Comforting fact: No power and money in the world can prevent karmic balancing by the universe.
Discovering and unfolding your true self beneath all the layers of conditioning is the best antidote to people pleasing.
There's no shame in reaching out.
Truthfulness is the highest form of intimacy.
You can avoid the truth for a very long time, but not forever.
Getting lost in the jungle of life is part of the journey. Keep going.
True healing demands the willingness to dig deeper.
Create more WOW! in your life.