There are five unavoidable givens, 
five immutable facts that 
come to visit all of us 
many times over: 

Everything changes and ends.
Things do not always go
according to plan.
Life is not always fair.
Pain is part of life.
People are not loving and
loyal all the time.

These are the core challenges 
that we all face. 
But too often we live 
in denial of these facts. 
We behave as if somehow 
these givens aren’t always 
in effect, or not applicable 
to all of us. 
But when we oppose these five 
basic truths we resist reality, and 
life becomes an endless series of 
disappointments, frustrations, 
and sorrows. 
Once we learn to accept and 
embrace these fundamental facts, 
however, we come to realize that 
they are exactly what we need to 
gain courage, compassion, 
and wisdom - in short, 
to find real happiness.

(David Richo)