Be prepared. 
The minute you decide to be yourself, to heal, and to allow your true feelings, it will be there: NONSENSE.

It will be transmitted by family members, so-called friends, acquaintances, colleagues, therapists, doctors, pharmacists, pseudo-spiritual teachers, and all kinds of people who feel provoked by your decision. 
They sense it in your presence, and it shows them what they lack.

In our society, it is normal to repress our feelings.
It is standard to play roles and put on masks.
The duties of an average life make it very difficult to get off the hamster wheel.
We can easily hide behind our busyness and all the distractions.
There seems to be no time and space to pause for a moment and sense into our body and heart.
But that’s a lie on a deeper level.

If we decide to live authentically and in resonance with our soul, to allow our vulnerability and face our wounds, things will magically start to change and shift; and we will find the necessary time and space. 
Instead of putting our energy into toxic relationships, we will attract the right people into our lives.
The universe wants us to be ourselves and to love ourselves; it wants us to feel and heal. 
Everything else is NONSENSE.

But those who have lost contact with their own souls and hearts will try everything to stop you and to convince you that you should also continue walking the comfortable, trodden, and “safe“ path.
Every single time you believe them and follow their messages, it will throw you back on your new, individual, and courageous path.

That’s why I am writing this text.
I have been thrown back thousands of times because I felt unsure and searched for validation and support where only NONSENSE was offered.
It’s an inevitable and sometimes even necessary part of every journey, but I want to be the voice of love and confirmation who applauds you for your courage to be yourself and to allow your true feelings.
I want to strengthen your decision and offer some clarity about what’s going on. 
Please don’t give up and don’t believe them! 

You wouldn’t believe how much NONSENSE I had to and still have to hear on my own journey, how many lies I had to bear, and how much subtle but also open condemnation and resentment I had to endure only because I decided to heal.

It took me many years to really trust my intuition, and my gut feeling when I listen to someone or read something. 
After countless and hurtful dis-illusions, I sense now immediately if someone is really on the challenging journey of healing and integrating his/her wounds and walks his/her talk or if it’s just some kind of abstract construct with the ultimate aim of repressing the truth.

The term “Energy Vampire“ is no joke.
It’s a reality, and you have to protect yourself from them categorically. 
They don’t want your best. 
You shouldn’t take this personally; it has absolutely nothing to do with you.
They just want you to be like them, fit in, adapt, repress your feelings, and at the same time, they want to suck some of your precious awakening vitality.
Deep down inside, they are utterly terrified of being confronted with their unconsciousness, vulnerability, emptiness, and darkness.
However, their concept can be wrapped in a quite reasonable and seductive packaging because they put all of their energy into it.

They will try to convince you that all this suffering you go through, all the darkness you dwell in frequently since you stopped repressing, isn’t really necessary and that there is an easier way.
This can be anything, from taking the right pills, changing your mindset, focusing on the positive things in your life, going to hundreds of doctors because it seems unbelievable that your pain has no physical reason, treating yourself with some nice little drugs and distractions, or simply finally “leaving the past behind you and pulling yourself together."
All this is complete NONSENSE.

There are also better suggestions, which can, of course, help.
But they can never be a substitute for the real work of going through the transformational fire of our real emotions.
For example, it’s great to meditate, repeat affirmations, practice yoga, tap meridians, go for barefoot walks, start juicing and detoxing,  receive some Reiki Energy, get a wellness massage and so on and so forth.
But be careful: as soon as someone tells you that one of these things can be “THE“ salvation from all of your suffering, then even this is complete NONSENSE.
It creates the illusion that you simply didn’t get it yet but that there is an easy and comfortable way.

This is not true. Healing from all kinds of trauma, self-discovery, and self-realization are always challenging, difficult, and painful.
Anyone who says something else just hasn’t gone the whole way and is lying to himself.

The superficial messages, especially of the pseudo-spiritual community, seem to stem from an endless ocean of fake gentleness, fake positivity, fake mindfulness, fake enlightenment, fake overcoming of the demonized ego, and other NONSENSE, only to avoid the truth of what is.

Some years ago, I wouldn’t have been confident enough to say something like that, but now I am.
And that’s what it’s all about: be yourself, love yourself, trust in the self-regulating forces of your body and soul, allow your feelings, open your heart, be honest, live your truth and go on, through the darkness, the suffering and the pain, even if it seems that it will never end.
That’s NONSENSE: It WILL end.
I promise you.

You will come out of this fire stronger and wiser and more compassionate and loving than ever.
You will still be on your never-ending journey, but it will be a less demanding one, and you will have the natural longing to serve others with what you have learned from your own real experience.
You will spread the unconditional love that you have found in your heart beneath all the layers of repressed pain.

Don’t believe the NONSENSE.
Don’t give up.
You are on the right track.

(Verena, RWYA DAILY)