I looked at my pain and said,
'You’re here, but instead of
crumbling like you want me to,
I’m going to make something
beautiful out of you.’


Once upon a time, an artist
stumbled upon shattered pieces
on the ground. 
People passed by and looked at
those broken parts with disgust. 
Some kicked them to the side,
and others stepped on them,
but the artist saw beauty
in those pieces.
It was pain, but he wasn’t going
to ignore it, he wasn’t going to
hate it or try to perfectly fix it.

No. Instead he created something
beautiful out of it.

And when he was done, someone
asked him, 'What is this?'
He looked at them and said,

'A mosaic. A masterpiece that doesn’t
exist without being shattered
along the way.'

(Hannah Blum)