When you choose to see 
circumstances as an opportunity 
to grow, life becomes 
a sacred initiation.

Unpopular opinion:
We came to Earth to grow
and evolve. We came here
to be cracked open. To LIVE.
To feel, not to merely exist.

And with that, comes pain. 
It is a natural and necessary 
part of life. 
Without pain and discomfort, 
we wouldn't grow. 
We need it to evolve.

The way I see it, we can either 
choose growth and walk
into the fire, or spend a lifetime
trying to put out the flames
that generational cycles 
keeps repeating.

Once we have awareness, 
we can step out of the pattern 
and end the cycle. Until then, 
we stay a victim to our life 
and circumstances.

Choosing to say yes to seeing 
affords you a new lens 
to see yourself through.
When you use a new lens on
your life, you begin to see
how staying small served you
and how difficulties are 
a sacred initiation meant to 
expand you, if you allow it.

Soul growth isn't for the
faint of heart. And it's better
than staying stuck.
What way do you choose?

(Kate Lally)