I hope you are learning 
to give yourself the credit 
you deserve. 
I hope you are beginning 
to recognise just how strong 
you are for pulling yourself 
through each and every 
difficult time in your life. 
I hope you allow this 
realisation to walk with you, 
alongside any obstacles or 
roadblocks you might 
encounter along your journey. 
I hope you know just how 
much you are capable of 
and that no matter how 
challenging a situation may 
seem, you have the courage 
to keep moving, 
to keep growing and 
to keep healing. 
I hope you can look in 
the mirror and say 
"I'm proud of you“ 
and really mean it. 
And above all, 
I hope you realise 
just how incredible you are, 
and just how much 
you deserve your own love.

(Charlotte Freeman)